Comments Regarding the Status of the National Unification Council by U.S. Department of State

06 3月

Daily Press Briefing
Adam Ereli, Deputy Spokesman

Washington, DC
March 2, 2006

QUESTION: Sorry. I have one question about Taiwan. After the U.S. expressed a certain level of relief or a satisfaction about Taiwan’s authority, not abolishing the Unification Council. Some officials in Taiwan stated that there’s no difference between abolish and cease to function. The reality is the Council is terminated and President Chen hardly made any compromise. He still did what he said he would do. So is there any gap between the U.S. understanding and Taiwanese understanding about the wording in the final outcome?

MR. ERELI: No. There’s no — there shouldn’t be any gap or difference of opinion here. President Chen’s assurances were quite clear that the NUC had not been abolished. We’ve seen the reports of comments attributed to other party officials. We’ve been informed by the Taiwanese that these officials have been misquoted and the reports are not accurate. And it is our understanding from the authorities in Taiwan that the action they took on February 27th was deliberately designed not to change the status quo, and that was made clear in a statement by President Chen and that — We have every confidence and assurance that President Chen — the statements made by President Chen are reflective of his policy and his party’s policy.

QUESTION: And have you reached out then to express your displeasure about his cabinet members or officials to have a statement like that?

MR. ERELI: We think that the statements and assurances of the president are — as I said, reflect the policy and position of the government and those in the president’s party.


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