How does outsider study Chinese politics?

08 10月

For me, a mainlander w/o any political connection, Chinese politics seems a riddle. However there are always western and Hongkong/Macau/Taiwan media seems know more about it. For some of them, I regarded as totally absurd since the forcast is not based on current situation; for others, they seems have some inside corresponders and get secret information.

We have no way to verify their secret expose on Chinese politics but we can verify their forecasts easily. With this in mind, I will start a page in my blog to test those forecasts from different medias/sources. Of course, some are anonymous due to current Chinese political reality, thus we can only know whether the media’s spies is reliable or they are just guessing. At the same page we can also see the capability of some political analysts. Can he/she really understand the mechanism of Chinese politics and forecast its next step?


Posted by 于 十月 8, 2006 in 每日杂谈


One response to “How does outsider study Chinese politics?

  1. davidpeng

    十月 12, 2006 at 8:26 下午

    updated the page. The message about Chen Liangyu’s fate after the 6th meeting is wrong.



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