Firing on Tibetan refugees is not the first time

12 10月

I got more info on the event with the report . It indicated that’s not the first time.

These unregistered travelers have rarely raised attention from the Chinese troops in BC, neither from the Liason Officers always present in ABC. Some climbing teams through the years have however reported on hearing shots. But this is the first time we have first-hand reports of a westerner witnessing people being shot on the way to Nepal’s border.

Nevertheless, it is not the first time such a fact hit the news. Canada’s Tibet Committee reported a similar incident on December 4, 2003: “Last year, there were separate eyewitness reports by Western mountain climbers of Chinese border police firing upon Tibetan refugees as well as pursuing refugees across Nangpa la into Nepal territory,” the NGO’s reported. “In mid October of this year, a group of 34 Tibetan refugees were fired upon by Chinese border security while attempting to cross into Nepal over Nangpa La.”

But that’s the first time Western has first-hand eye-witness of such event.  That proves my previous assumption was wrong. That’s a consistent policy to warn and shoot the Tibetans who want to cross the bounary illegally.

Anyway the army should not shoot unarmed civilian, especially they are women and children. I also suggest the government to take a open-door policy on Tibetan to/from Nepal/India. If Tibetan refugees find life in Tibet China is better than in Daramsala, they will certainly come back. Such rigid and brutal measurements can only foster more hatred in Tibetan’s heart. After 20 years of market economy, the government should know well that the incentive is more effective than any regulation and force.


Updates note:


顺便说一下,网上有这样一种说法,就是所谓 “That’s a consistent policy to warn and shoot the Tibetans who want to cross the bounary illegally.” 请注意 warn and shoot——这是为中国所作的很隐晦的辩护,读者一不小心就可能被误导,以为确实有警告在先,好像藏人是咎由自取。现在这一谎言被揭穿了,藏人和西方目击者都证实没有任何警告。由这一事例,读者不难发现,中国在以墨写谎言掩盖血写事实方面虽然一如既往,但手段有更大的欺骗性,经常以“民间”面目出现,在貌似不经意间欺骗舆论。当然,想要欺骗西方舆论,手段尚嫌拙劣。

IMHO, even there is warning ahead, the shooting itself is violating human rights brutely. For me in this post I have no intention to defend for Chinese government. Anyway I didn’t need a self-vindication here.


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