Dalai Lama to reduce political role

15 5月

According to PHAYUL, in his holiness’ recent visit to U.S, Dalai Lama told students that he would “retire completely” within a few years and was already “semi-retired.”

Therefore, I expect Beijing to change its view on Dalai Lama as more a spiritual leader, which will benefit Tibetan in mainland China. In fact, some great Tibetan lamas in exile talked less on politics and maintain better relationship with Beijing.

In the report, Tenzin Tsundue, a pro-independance Tibetan-in-exile welcomed this move, and saw it as a indicator of better Tibetan democracy. Most expected the parliament-in-exile to share more burden from Dalai Lama. And maybe Kharmapa Lama will increase its presence in the international potical stage as the rising symbol of Tibetan-in-exile.

I see this as Dalai Lama’s arrangement after him, which is a strong counteract to Beijing’s current policy (waiting for Dalai Lama’s death). Dalai Lama’s senior spokesman, Chhime Rigzing, gave more comments on this arrangement.

 “You can’t transfer spiritual leadership in Buddhism, you can’t change that.”. “He will continue to be the spokesperson of the six million Tibetans, because he is undisputedly the leader of the Tibetans — people look up to him to lead.”. Even as the Dalai Lama’s political role becomes less “he will continue as a senior advisor until a solution is found to the Tibetan question,” Rigzing said.

How will Beijing respond on that?


Posted by 于 五月 15, 2007 in 雪狮与龙, 每日杂谈



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