10 6月


Global Voice Online看到,此事的起因是厦门PX项目。到此时为止,连岳牛博网的博客还能被访问到,关于此事的帖子还在牛博网的编辑推荐之列。加油,牛博网!


Update from Flickr staff (10:00 PDT, June 7th) : It seems that access to our image servers is being blocked for users in much of China. Our technical staff has looked into this at depth and determined this is not a technical issue from our end. We will keep an eye on the situation and update if we get any developments.

Update from Flickr staff [2] (01:00 PDT, June 8th) : We are checking periodically to see if the block is still in place, but haven’t detected any change. We hope that this is a temporary issue and we currently believe that it will be. In the meantime, we are investigating our alternatives. Thank’s for your patience,

目前的解决方案是: says:

It is easy for you to visit Flickr in China, if you:

1. Download the Firefox from / 从下面链接下载Firefox:

2. Install firefox, and use firefox to vist / 安装firefox, 用firefox访问:

3, Install the add-on “Access Flickr” / 安装插件“Access Flickr”

4. reboot the Firefox, and you can visit Flickr now. / 重启动Firefox, 你现在可以访问Flickr了。

PS. You can aslo dowload another add-on: / 另:你可以下载安装另外一个插件:

and install it. Then you can visit Flickr ,google cache,and wikipedia in China. /然后你就可以在中国访问Flickr, google cache, 维基。

That’s really shameful, China!

继Google, 维基,wordpress.com之后,中国再次自绝于世界文化潮流之外。真了不起啊! 



没空写下去,我装Firefox去了。Bill Gates先生,你可以投诉中国政府,利用非正常竞争手段,为Firefox促销……


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