15 7月

巴基斯坦官方7月10日说,巴安全部队已经控制了“红色清真寺”80%的区域。这是位于巴基斯坦首都伊斯兰堡的“红色清真寺”和周边建筑的航拍照片(2007年7月9日摄)。 新华社/路透




红色清真寺(Red Mosque,原文音译Lal Masjid),自1965年成立以来,一直是巴基斯坦伊斯兰原教旨主义的中心。BBC的这则Profile和Wiki的词条Lal Masjid概述了该组织的背景资料。


The mosque has for many years been at the centre of radical and fundamentalist teaching and houses several thousand male and female students in adjacent seminaries. (bold by davidpeng)

这句话在wiki talk上受到质疑:

What exactly are the “radical and fundamentalist” teachings that are espoused? There’s no discussion whatsoever of that

Do we regular wiki editors have the authority to neutralize the language here? I’m more than willing, but wanted to make sure it was proper wiki protocol. I’m OK w/ editing facts and grammar, but not sure about the policies of depoliticizing someone else’s language. I’m not finding any objections in the npov section. J.A.McCoy 21:07, 4 July 2007 (UTC)



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