推荐阅读:Tibet Special

05 10月

今天注意到The China Beat有这么个系列,请一些藏学家或者涉藏研究人士列出文章或者书目,推荐给读者。

在谈到这个系列的缘起时,TCB(The China Beat)谈到:

It has now been six months since “China Beat” ran a series of reports about and suggested readings relating to the March unrest in Tibet. We thought this a fitting time to try to figure out what some of the best works out there are that deal with Tibet in general, not just a particular crisis involving the region and its people. So, we will be asking some people the following question: “Can you think of any particular article or book relating to Tibet that you wish more people had read?” We’ll run the answers periodically, as they come in.

In Case You Missed It: Tibet Special

Part 1: Emily T. Yeh and Timothy S. Oakes

Part 2: Charlene Makley

Part 3: Pico Iyer and Pankaj Mishra

Part 4 Robert J. Barnett


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