12 6月


On freedom of speech and expression, the delegation noted that China’s laws provide complete guarantees. The Government encourages the media to play a watchdog role and there is no censorship in the country. Major stories, like the contaminated milk powder story, are brought to public attention by the media. No individual or press has been penalized for voicing their opinions or views. Chinese journalists’ right to report their story is fully guaranteed by the law. When reporting on certain sensitive stories, some journalists may encounter obstacles or pressure, which reflects characteristics of the profession. But these obstacles are not from the Government, but from some interests-concerned parties. The Government and the judiciary body would deal with such cases of harassment of journalists in accordance with the law. Chinese law prohibits the use of the Internet or other mass media for creating rumours or instigating the subversion of Government, splitting national territory or instigating hatred amongst ethnic groups and religious discrimination. These legal provisions are in conformity with the ICCPR.


Posted by 于 六月 12, 2009 in 畅所欲言


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    六月 13, 2009 at 12:09 下午


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