Private HTTPS web-based proxy (still buggy)

05 7月

This one is modified from bslatkin’s mirrorrr. You may check his/her project page for more info.

I added two features:

  1. The URL is now base64 encoded.
  2. The proxy is open to specific Google user or user list only.

Here’s the installation instruction:

  1. Sign up for an App Engine account. Then “Create an Application”,you will need a cellphone to validate your account. After validation, you will give your proxy a name (identifier), which can be accessed via Here we use xxx as an example.
  2. Download the App Engine SDK
  3. Download and install Python 2.5.4 for your platform from the Python website
  4. Install the App Engine SDK.
  5. Create a folder named xxx in the Appengine SDK installation folder(e.g. C:\Program Files\Google\google_appengine\).
  6. Download source files at
  7. Now edit app.yaml in the xxx folder with notepad or any editor,change some words in the first line to application: xxx. Save the file and exit. Edit, replace ziypwg to xxx; change VALID_USERS to your gmail id or id list.
  8. Type CMD in Start>run and enter command line environment. Enter your Appengine SDK folder(C:\Program Files\Google\google_appengine\), type “ update xxx “, you will be prompted to enter your account and password. After validation the files in xxx folder will be uploaded to google and your installation is completed.
  9. A test will be done by enter in your browser: https//
  10. If you’re having issues, let me know!

Currently the program is still buggy. I need to tune the base64 encoding transformer.

Thanks Brett Slatkin again.


Posted by 于 七月 5, 2009 in 每日杂谈



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