A Planned China Image

14 4月


在Global Times发表了其臭名昭著的社评(中文/英文)之后,Richard Burger,一位中国媒体内部外国人(曾经?),发表了一篇The Global Times and Ai Weiwei(译者中文版,下面引述中文亦来自译者,不再说明),记录了他和一位环球时报高级编辑的对话,关于如何推销中国的正面形象。

I explained that if only China would actually engage in a dialog about these issues with the outside world instead of sabre-rattling and always sounding like a misunderstood and petulant child, maybe then China would advance its cause and help people outside China understand what China is really all about, how human rights are seen through Chinese eyes.



But again, they say they want soft power, they say they want to be a global superpower, they say they want fair treatment in the media. Well, sorry, but you can’t have it both ways. You can’t repress with one hand and paint a picture of a happy harmonious rules-following society with the other. Detaining Ai Weiwei was the worst thing you could have done, trumped only by your idiocy in attacking him in savage, ugly, deranged editorials. (Bold added by David)


大西洋月刊的James Fallows就Richard的博文发了一篇The Chinese Crackdown: Arrogance? Or Insecurity?我的博客读者先前在讨论茉莉花(非)革命的意义时曾经在这方面有非常不同的想法,恰好和James相同,中国政府到底是太自信了呢?还是感觉太不安全了?

A debate has gone on among everyone involved with China: how much of the current crackdown reflects over-confidence by the government? How much reflects its nervous insecurity? And in practice is there any real difference between the two? Statements like the one highlighted above are so revealing — and in my experience so typical. No one in the outside world would take it as a sign of "weakness" or "humiliation" for the Chinese government to let Ai Weiwei go — or not to have arrested him in the first place. But nearly everyone in the Chinese hierarchy seems to fear that it would be seen that way.

另一位似乎在中国呆了很久,去过很多地方的外国人Brian Glucroft回到Richard的议题,Humiliation and Disgrace: Interfering With China’s Attempts to Improve Its Image and the Lives of its Citizens。 这篇博文很长,Brian讲述了他在中国各地的一些经验,尤其是中国用什么样的一种方式在create its image, 对内也对外。最后,Brian总结到,

So, like Richard Burger, James Fallows, and many others I hope China grows in its ability to be more open.  The world is not looking for China to be perfect — we all know other countries such as the US have plenty of their own issues.  And countries such as America don’t expect China to agree with them on every issue.  But the world is looking for more honest and open discussion about a variety of issues important to China and its people without anyone fearing detention.  This way, the world can better cooperate with the Chinese Government and its people so that China can continue to healthily grow and scenes such as of these young Chinese:


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