3.10 NYC Incident

22 3月



NYC incident regretted in Tibetan paliament, from

Time for unity, not division, says Kalon Gyari Dolma at Tibetan women’s uprising anniversary, from


Conflict at US-Tibetan Exile Event Symptom of Widening Rift, by 

My Heart Broke Today from,链接已经死了。

There is no middle without the ends by Tenzin Gelek from, 这篇是Middle-way的支持者。我认真读了,写得很好,如果我是藏人会采取类似的态度。

Why Tibetans were divided on the March 10th Tibetan Uprising Day? by Choenyi Woser from 这篇是Rangzen的支持者,简介了多个流亡藏人团体。

没有看到任何英美媒体报道此事。Adele的文章中提到videoed and posted on social media。不过我没找到,不知道怎么搜索facebook。



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